Endura Roses SEO Case Study

A Blossoming Success

The objective for our work with Endura Roses was simple - take a brand that had a growing offline presence and create an additional sustainable revenue source through organic traffic. Endura's website was still relatively young but struggling to generate revenue in a sustainable and profitable manner.

By refocusing the content on the site, we were able to reposition our rankings to not only provide increased search visibility, but to also bring in organic traffic that converted more efficiently.

The results that we were able to achieve for Endura were immediate. In the first year of our campaign, we were able to grow the overall revenue on the site by 113% and increase organic revenue to provide a 374% ROI. The eCommerce conversion rate for organic traffic also grew by 58% - showing the value of not just generating traffic, but the right traffic.

  • 110%

    increase in organic revenue after 1 year

  • 113%

    increase in overall revenue after 1 year

  • 374%

    ROI on SEO investment after 1 year

How We Did It?

Keyword research was key to the immediate success that we were able to achieve with Endura Roses. By refocusing the content on the site, we were able to not only improve the overall search visibility for Endura but also improve the quality of the traffic that was being generated. By refocusing our keyword strategy to target the most relevant terms to Endura's target audience, we were able to attract users which we were then able to successfully convert into customers.

With keyword research completed and keyword mapping successfully implemented to help revitalise the on page content, the next step of our campaign was focused on Off Page SEO. By utilising various link building channels, we were able to enhance Endura's backlink profile in terms of both quantity and quality. Link building tactics such as citations and guest blogging allowed us to increase the trust and authority associated with the domain along with helping to increase brand awareness and direct referral traffic to the website.

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