Digital PR

We’ll take your existing PR work to the next level by increasing exposure through various online channels and ensuring that your coverage further enhances your search visibility.

What Is Digital PR?


PR in the digital age is now about much more than just gaining coverage for your business.


The aim of Digital PR is to enhance your online exposure by creating news stories that journalists share online.


But it’s not just about exposure.


When we think like a PR and act like an SEO – Digital PR can be one of the most powerful tools capable of supercharging your search visibility.

Don't Neglect Your Online PR


If you’re currently conducting PR activities with very little consideration for how they are able to impact your online presence, you’re missing out on a huge potential advantage of the work that you’re already investing in.


Whether it be on a local scale or a wider national scope, there are always online sources that are happy to talk about the work that you are doing.


It might be a news site that is exclusively online, a niche blog, or even a relevant forum, all of which can create increased exposure for work that you’ve already made an investment in.


Digital PR allows you to widen the scope of your existing PR activities for increased short-term gains, while also (when done right) enhancing your SEO performance for sustainable long-term benefits.

Creating Perfect Synergy


Over the years we’ve had plenty of experience working with specialist PR agencies. This has allowed us to effortlessly combine the two sets of expertise that both sides provide to create a perfect synergy.


We consider Digital PR to very much be a “more bang for your buck” scenario. We’ll take your existing ideas and increase their exposure for both short-term and long-term gains.


By no means do we just sit back and let other people come up with all of the ideas.


Our SEO team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different forms of marketing, not just SEO. We’ll contribute ideas towards your overall marketing strategy that help drive improved brand awareness and reputation, and of course SEO performance.


When we combine traditional PR with our expert SEO knowledge, the results can be remarkable, as we showed with the “Lost D-Day Clickers” campaign for ACME Whistles.

We Create News Stories That Get Links


It’s one thing to create a news story that journalists are happy to write about, but it takes a unique skill set to get journalists to link to your website as well.


Links are arguably the most impactful aspect of any SEO strategy, and Digital PR is a fantastic way to earn some of the highest authority links in your backlink profile.


Here’s the thing though – PR agencies aren’t focused on building links, and journalists don’t like to add links to their articles unless you give them a great reason to do so.


That’s where an SEO agency plays a pivotal role in ensuring maximum returns from your PR activities.


We don’t just earn you coverage – we’ll earn you coverage with links.

Getting More From Your Existing PR Work


When you utilise our expertise in this area, we’ll work alongside all of the stakeholders involved in the project to add value at each stage.


Whether it be a blog post with more information about the story, a unique contact form hosted on your site, or sharing the results of a study on your site, we’ll find the most impactful approach to get the most out of your investment.


Getting links from PR activities is especially important in prolonging the lasting effects of any PR work. Unlike exposure from a magazine or a newspaper, or even a TV feature, online articles are archived on the internet for people to find forever.


And as long as the online article is alive, the impact it has on your search visibility will also remain. Digital PR allows a news story to pay dividends for your business years after the publication of any coverage.

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