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Before you start to tackle the problem, you need to know what the problem is.

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Any new client that we have the pleasure of working with on their SEO campaign comes to us with the same question – “how can I improve my search results?”.


As part of the introduction, we’ll provide you with a free SEO audit to help both of us get a better idea of where your existing SEO sits, and what will form the core focus of an SEO strategy once our campaign starts.



What Our Free SEO Audit Report Is


At Attain we believe in getting relationships off on the right foot and that means being completely transparent about the work that we do.


Our free SEO audit gives a clear and concise overview of your current SEO, along with the key factors currently holding your site back.


Using a range of premium SEO tools, we’ll show you what keywords you’re currently ranking for, along with an overview of your backlink profile and the technical health of your website.


We’ll then use this information to provide you with a number of key areas to focus on – including creating content, building links, improving the technical structure of your site and targeting relevant localised search results.

What's Next?


If at that point you’re interested in working with us as your SEO agency partner, we’ll work together to form a more detailed overview of our recommended SEO strategy.


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Free SEO Audit Report